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SÍM Residency: Open Call for granted AIR Program


mánudagur, 15. ágúst 2022

SÍM Residency: Open Call for granted AIR Program

Nordic Culture Point

SIM Residency and Nordic/Baltic Mobility Programme
Call for applications from Nordic/Baltic artists for January 2023

SIM Residency invites artists and curators from Nordic/Baltic countries to apply for a one-month granted Artists-in-residence program.

31st August

Residency starts-ends:
All artists' arrivals will be organized on the 3rd of January and departures on the 30th of January.

SIM Residency Korpúlfsstaðir, Reykjavik, Iceland

The residency grant includes:
- grant of 700,00 EUR;
- material and project costs up to 300,00 EUR;
- flight expenses to and from Iceland, the connection between the residency apartment and Keflavík airport;
- group guided tours to glaciers, geothermal plants, day expeditions, visits to local artist studios and museums;
- full residency fee for one month (including support from SÍM staff, self-catering accommodation, Wi-Fi, free parking, set of towels and beddings; all communal utensils and equipment in the kitchen; cleaning, washing detergents, cleaning equipment; iron; washing machine; blow-drier; communal cost of electricity, heating, cold/hot water);
- workspace for art project realization;
- exhibition hall, conference space.

granted residency does not cover:
- travel, health, artwork, or equipment insurance;
- artwork, or art equipment shipment, transportation to/from Iceland;
- food;
- any other costs of activities and travels within a country, if it is not included in the residency program, must be covered by the artists themselves.

Who can apply?
*Only artists/curators living in the Nordic/Baltic area can apply. Artists from the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Åland, artists living in Iceland cannot apply for the residency program) or the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and the invited artist should have a permanent address in one of these countries. However, the invited artists do not need Nordic or Baltic nationality.

Key directions for art project/research proposals:

#sustainability #ecology #globalwarming #postmodernsociety #geology #environment #icelandicculture #nature #baltic/nordiclanguages

All seven artists will live and work in the SIM Residency apartment at Korpúlfsstaðir. Residency activities will be focused on research through learning, exchanging, studying, experimenting, traveling, and discovering Icelandic nature, local geological resources, and renewable energies. A guided tour of Iceland's glaciers and ice caves will allow artists to get closer to the fragile Icelandic nature - facing the massive impact of globalization and global warming. Day tours will bring artists to the nearest points where Icelandic landscapes open with their diversity, from the glaciers to the newest volcanic eruptions. Meetings with local scientists and lectures directed to the Icelandic ecosystems and global warming impact on Iceland's nature allows artists to get professional data and knowledge for their art projects. As reflection artists, at the end of the month, will be presenting their art projects to the local community. Studio visits and meetings with cultural representatives, local artists/curators/gallery owners, and scientists will help artists to build new networks and start future collaborations. 11 additional international artists at the same time will participate in a self-directed residency program at Seljavgeur apartment that will keep a close connection with the granted residency program at Korpúlfsstaðir.

Application evaluation criteria:
-the purposes for which the residency research material will be used for project realization and how art projects will be continued and presented in the future;
-candidate's motivation and reasons why in particular, Iceland and granted residency program is needed for artist's practice.

Expectations toward artists:
- bachelor's degree in visual arts or similar qualifications (art history, curatorial studies, dance, etc...) is required for each applicant;
- SIM Residency AIR program is an art project-based residency program. We expect artists to propose an individual art project. During the residency, we ask the artist to realize a project, which results, or process can be presented at the end of the residency in an exhibition format.
- the artist is expected to give a public talk during the Artists talk, an introduction to themselves at the beginning of the residency.
- we expect the artist to be able to communicate in English.
- we require the artist's project to be documented and published on SIM Residency's website in the format of SIM Projects at the end of the residency.
- while in the residency, artists will be invited to give 5-10 min. video interview about their artistic practices and art projects that artists were accepted for.
- artists are not required to leave artworks after the residency program.

Residency Activities:
- introduction meetings between selected artists;
- Artist Talk. SÍM conference and coffee house at Korpúlfsstaðir. Public event
- lectures by the professors' University of Iceland and Iceland University of the Arts, meeting with scientists (list of lectures and scientists to be confirmed...)
- expedition to geothermal plants, glaciers, and ice caves - guided tours
- day educational road trips
- local artists' studio visits
- visits to local galleries, museums, and cultural centers. Meetings with gallery/museum owners, curators, and cultural representatives
- group exhibition/reflection - art project/research presentation. SÍM exhibition hall Hlöðuloftid. Public event.
*note that dates of events will be announced one month before the residency begins.

The one-month residency program is granted by The Nordic Culture Point. Nordic-Baltic mobility program - Support for artist residencies.

(Photo: Lulu&whiskey <living beings formed in meltwater> glazed ceramics, 3D scan, 2022, Iceland)

Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-08 um
Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-08 um
Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-08 um
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