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Declaration of Executive Committee of IAA Europe on Ukraine


föstudagur, 25. mars 2022

Declaration of Executive Committee of IAA Europe on Ukraine

The Executive Committee of IAA Europe strongly condemns the Russian war against Ukraine
and is shocked by this aggression against the people of Ukraine and the European peace order that
has been achieved. As an association, we believe in the preservation of democracy and in solidarity
among people. Our thoughts are with the citizens of Ukraine in view of their great suffering.
We are temporarily suspending membership of the National Committee of Russia (Union of
artists of Russia) and National Committee of Belarus (Belarusian Union of Artists) in IAA Europe until
we hear their official statement condemning this war. The General Assembly of IAA Europe
(September 2022) shall decide on further steps.
Alongside Ukrainian artists we know many Russian and Belarusian artists are at risk right now,
because they openly stand against Putin and his regime. We should unite and offer all artists
regardless of origin shelter and help, advancing freedom of expression, defending democratic values
and promoting international solidarity.
We are also offering a membership fee free year to the National Committee of Ukraine
(National Union of Artists in Ukraine) and recommend to all NCs to issue free IAA card to all
professional visual artists from Ukraine who will apply for it.
We are collecting the information about opportunities for Ukrainian artists leaving their
country, all of them will be shared on IAA Europe website.
Executive Committee of IAA Europe: Andrea Křístek Kozárová (Slovakia), Hilde Tørdal
(Norway), Anders Werdelin (Denmark), Marcel Noack (Germany), Egle Ganda Bogdaniene (Lithuania),
Teemu Mäki (Finland), Pontus Raud (Sweden), Maria Moroz (Poland)

The International Association of Art (IAA) Europe is a network of about 40 national organizations within Europe, representing professional visual artists. IAA Europe is one of the five cultural regions of the International Association of Art (IAA/AIAP), the largest international non-governmental association of visual artists, with more than 100 memberorganizations worldwide. The IAA supports international cooperation and artistic exchange, free from any aesthetic, political or other bias and aims to improve the economic and social position of artists on national and international level. |

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