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SÍM / Guest House


Note > Unfortunately, children under 14 years old, persons with injuries complicating movement, and persons with a disability cannot stay in the guesthouse. The house was built in 1850 and has not been adapted for persons with disabilities. There are two staircases, one with a pretty steep incline that can be dangerous to go up and down. We recommend looking for other places that can meet the required safety standards and make your stay comfortable.

The SIM guest rooms are situated in the SÍM House,

SÍM office – Hafnarstræti 16, 101 Reykjavík.


Four bedrooms are available,  a shared fully equipped kitchen, living room, and bathroom. The guest rooms are rented out to artists, curators, and others working in the art field for 1-15 nights. The bedrooms are pretty spacious, with two single beds each. 


Rent 2023:


10.000 ISK – per night for one room, one guest.

14.000 ISK – per night for one room, two guests.


Sheets, towels, communal cost, and wireless internet access are included.


Smoking is not allowed indoors. Guests must clean the apartment and have it ready for other guests before they leave.



if online booking does not work, contact the office by e-mail: 

or telephone (+354) 551-1346
No formal application is needed.