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The Fridge Art Fair NYC May 2022: Open Call for submission


fimmtudagur, 28. apríl 2022

The Fridge Art Fair NYC May 2022: Open Call for submission

Occupy Rivington Street - From Fridge With Love
“The little art fair that could” bets on the butterfly effect…

Fridge Art Fair is pleased to announce our return to our first New York venue, Gallery OneTwentyEight, as the base of our 8th New York City edition as a Frieze satellite, with several additional venues and partners along Rivington Street being finalized. Fair dates are May 18-22, 2022, at 128 Rivington Street on Manhattan's Lower East side. Details are subject to slight changes at this release date, exact hours, additional venues, and special programs will be announced and updated at .

Having made the decision to go forward late, due to the pandemic, we feel called to respond to concurrent world events in the only way we know how to face war, crime, and the cruel divisiveness that is tearing us apart - with love. This edition is dedicated to the concept of Peace, and we hope to find ways to make our tiny show – which ArtInfo described as "the baby who has refused to obey orders to stand outside the door while the adults confabulate inside" –
more expansive and inclusive than ever before. So far we are planning indoor and outdoor installations on the same block at neighborhood mainstays La Caverna – and Essex , as well as a new virtual component… please check the website for updates!

The original vision of Founder Eric Ginsburg of a fair that is part Art, but all Soul, may have met its most fitting challenge as the world steps out of the pandemic and into a time of struggle that is also an opportunity for positive change. We want to invite all exhibitors, from any place, group, tradition or political party, to join together and submit material they believe contributes to our progress towards a better world, as we fast-track the process of how, when and where to present EVERY submission on an ongoing basis. Details will be posted on the Apply page of our website,

It's an expansive undertaking, but, says Ginsburg, "As we know from the Butterfly Effect, small actions make big things happen." "Be the butterfly," adds Fridge Spiritual Advisor Linda DiGusta, "and peace is possible!" Both shout out some love for late Fridge Producer Cara Hunter Viera, who left this plane in 2020. This is the first NYC edition to miss her earthly energy and grace.

As a 501c3 not-for-profit we need tax deductible donations from the public as we are not selling space to exhibitors. We also seek sponsors and strategic partners who can provide financial, material (including perhaps some ice cream for our visitors!) and technical support to bring this heartfelt Fridge straight to the hearts of people worldwide.

Since its inception in May 2013, Fridge Art Fair has presented during all non-pandemic years concurrent with Frieze (yes, the name is a play on that) week in New York City and Art Basel week in Miami. We have lived up to our tagline, "Can you fit into the Fridge?" by accepting as numerous, and as diverse, exhibitors as possible, in spaces from tiny to huge that were either affordable or donated to us.

We have always considered Fridge to be a kind of a hybrid between an art fair and a piece of conceptual performance art. Our exhibitors, both galleries and artists, have presented everything from a Ferrari painted by Crash to a performance by a real medical doctor, also an artist and regular Fridge exhibitor, having "office hours" with volunteer fair visitors. This year, we plan to stay light in our hearts while facing serious issues with hope and energy.

What's next? We'll know it when we see it…

Information updated often at

thank you

fridge art fair

can you fit into the fridge?

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