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SÍM Residency: Samsýning - www/melt/pool


miðvikudagur, 25. janúar 2023

SÍM Residency: Samsýning - www/melt/pool

Time & Location
27. jan., 17:00 – GMT – 21:00
SÍM Hlöðuloftið, 112 Reykjavík, Iceland

Hópur sjö gestalistamanna frá Norðurlöndunum og Eystrasaltsríkjunum
býður ykkur velkomin á samsýningu, föstudaginn 27. janúar 2023, frá kl. 17:00-21:00,
í sýningarsal SÍM á Hlöðuloftinu á Korpúlfsstöðum, Thorsvegi 1, 112 Reykjavík,


www/melt/pool, er samsýning sjö norrænna og baltneskra listamanna sem sýnir listaverk í vinnslu.
www decodes, í vinnu vinnu vinnu og ásamt bræðslu og laug, sýnir upplifun listamannanna.

Í mánuð runnu leiðangrar, fyrirlestrar, heimsóknir, leikir, sýnisöfnun og rannsóknir inn í stjörnumerki
staðbundinna sviða og skáldað landslag.

SÍM Residency - Gestavinnustofuprógram SÍM fékk styrk frá Nordic Culture Point til að bjóða
listamönnunum til dvalar í Reykjavík.



www/melt/pool is the collective group show presenting art projects in process by seven Nordic-Baltic artists.
www decodes into work work work and together with melt and pool, it reveals the experiences of the artists.

During a month expeditions, talks, visits, games, specimen collection and research pooled into constellations of local spheres and fictional terrains.

Rūta Spelskytė (LT) Icelandic sand is sifted into dust grade later to be separated by magnetic properties and used for making ferromagnetic wearables. They then train the brain to search for or build links for the magnetite to evolve into an active tool of a sense.

Inari Sandell (FI) The glacier is Powerade blue is an essay film and installation about fragile ecosystems in humans and nature. Discussing themes of slowness, recovery and removed relationship with nature, the work entwines natural phenomena with mental and neurological coping. The work-in-progress is inspired by the extremes of Icelandic nature, societal expectations of productivity and aesthetics of fastness.

Laura Dahlberg (FI) Bodies of Liquid is an interactive installation that consists of silicon, syringes and tubes. In this process she has developed a technique for soft objects to move by changing the air pressure inside them. With this installation she explores the fluid borders between living and non-living beings.

Tomas Daukša (LT) Fountains of Joy Discharging excess liquids puts all of us into the category of a fountain - one step closer to being a geysir or an erupting volcano.

Aukse Miliukaite (LT) created a site specific installation dear beloved for holding and caring for waters that intertwine among bodies. Womb-like space is a reminiscence of water as a source.

Suvi Tuominen (FI) Fabrics of life performance installation plays with the friction between lazy introvertism and hyper accelerated social reality. During the process of accumulating the work Suvi has followed production mechanisms of late capitalist tourism in Iceland. She has noticed that the fabrics of life have become about dense image flows producing a fragmentation of forced smiles, colors, lights and sounds.

Ingrid Kristensen Bjørnaali (NO) Sinking daycaves and sliding babygrounds is a video (loop) and photo installation showing photogrammetry scans of matter behaving matter-like, caught in their temporary states in an ongoing terrain-building process. One being a newborn baby terrain emerging from deep within Earth, the other a surface-grinding, melting, sliding, solid water body. The video shows material captured in Breiðamerkurjökull in the Vatnajökull glacier, most of it captured in one of its moulins; a temporary cave in the upper layer, carved out by flowing water finding its way through.

Granted residency programme at SÍM Residency Korpúlfsstaðir was funded by Nordic-Baltic mobility programme for Culture.

poster by Ingrid Kristensen Bjørnaali (NO)

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