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Islensk Grafik Printmaking Production Residency


fimmtudagur, 20. júní 2024

Islensk Grafik Printmaking Production Residency

One Month Self-Directed Production Printmaking Residencies in Iceland starting 3 August, 3 September, 3 October 2024 hosted by Íslensk Grafík , The Association of Icelandic Printmakers in Reykjavik, Iceland. Deadline for applications is 30 June 2024.

What’s Included:
Artists’ accommodation in Reykjavík
Events and networking programme
Shared, staffed printmaking studio with large facilities

Printmaking Facilities:
2 x large intaglio presses (1m roll) and 2 x small intaglio
2 x large relief presses
Extra-large cyanotype exposure unit
Large screenprinting facilities
Dedicated water vats for large paper
3 sinks
Large guillotine for bookmaking
Kitchen area
Large paper racks

For the first time, Íslensk Grafík, the Association of Icelandic Printmakers, the longest-running artists’ association in Iceland, is offering a self-directed printmaking production residency programme for artists with an interest in printmaking.

What does the programme offer?
The Islensk Grafík/SÍM collaborative residency programme is an international self-directed artist-in -residence program in Reykjavik, Iceland.

It is a unique opportunity for professional artists working with printmaking to develop new work in Iceland and be part of an international programme at Islensk Grafik, the Association of Icelandic Printmakers, in partnership with the residency programme at SÍM, the Association of Icelandic Artists.

The main objective of the residency is to provide the opportunity for international artists to take part in the Icelandic art scene, thereby creating a broader context within which local and international artists can experience their own work.

The residency seeks to promote an environment of reflection, research, study, and play by providing artists with a working environment that supports the artistic process.

Artists can stay for a period of one to three months and are accepted based on their project proposal and work examples. A bachelor’s degree in fine arts or similar qualifications is required. The residency programme includes two public events: artist talk and open studios. Additional events like solo exhibitions at SÍM Gallery, educational workshops, mentoring sessions or collaboration projects with local organisations can also be organized at an additional cost.

The programme provides the opportunity to work at the large, central printing studio in Reykavik at Íslensk Grafík, the oldest association of artists in Iceland, offering professional, large scale intaglio and relief presses and cyanotype facilities. The programme includes structured networking, two mentoring sessions, a single room in a shared artists’ accommodation, studio time in a large managed studio, visits and a final exhibition and presentation for resident artists.

August/September/October/. Artists can choose to be in residence for one or more full months, however, please note it is not possible to split the months into smaller periods.

Reykjavik, Iceland

What’s included?
A single room accommodation in Reykjavik
Shared studio space with large printmaking equipment
Guest artists and curators talks and discussions
Opportunity to share and showcase work-in-progress
Promotion of your work via our social media
24 hour access to large scale professional printing facilities
inclusion in the SÍM/Islensk Grafík residency programme of
Induction to the printmaking studio
Staff at hand for any technical issues
Participation Fee & Financial Assistance:

Visiting artists pay a residency fee of €2000 per month. This meets the minimum cost of running the residency programme.

The fee includes all of the above.

For further information, email with the title “IG Residency”

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