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SIM Gallery: Chaos & the end of complexity - Ariane Lugeon, V


föstudagur, 11. febrúar 2022

SIM Gallery: Chaos & the end of complexity - Ariane Lugeon, V

SÍM Gallery - Chaos & the end of complexity

joint exhibition. Ariane Lugeon, V

Ariane Lugeon and V [a k.a Ayis Zita] are part of the SÍM residency AIR program. They first met there [here]. They both work on the immaterial within materiality and like irreverence.

Opening hours:
Opening evening
11.02 - 5:00 - 8:00 PM

12,13.02 - 02:00-06:00 PM
14,15,16.02 - 12:00-04:00 PM
17,18.02 - 12:00-08:00 PM
19,20.02 - 02:00-08:00 PM
21,22,23.02 - 12:00-04:00 PM
24.02 - 12:00-08:00 PM
25.02 - 12:00-06:00 PM
26,27.02 - 02:00-08:00 PM

Facebook event

V [a k.a Ayis Zita] is an international abstract artist and curator.

This ongoing series of works [chinese in on paper] is entitled "e idol on - NVFT, a cluster", after the Ancient & Modern Greek work eidolon [reflection of self , statuette] which has been misappropriated in english and pop culture as idol.
It addresses identity [real identity Vs online identity, real identity Vs socially projected identity, real identity Vs wishful identity, identity as set of folded subidentities (sexual, national, professional, parental )).
NVFT is an invented term connotating non vectorial fungible tokens; a nonsensical term stating seemingly complex, incomprehensible things so as to project depth and value [same as NFT's].

Ariane Lugeon

I am a textile and performance artist from the planet earth with a Swiss passport. I like to bring traditional handcraft together with contemporary themes, for example, by combining knitting with provocative statements.
Since coming to Iceland I have knit like hell. I knit my first lopapeysa (Icelandic wool sweater) and learned how the Icelandic pattern works. But the City of Reykjavik definitely doesn’t need more traditional lopapeysa. I started to question how I can combine these traditional patterns with new forms. I have also been working on a number of projects exploring ways of linking textiles and digital, drawing on the QR and scan codes which have become an everyday part of our lives.
Knitting is connecting.
The transformation is in progress.

Performance (Ariane Lugeon) for Fimmtudagurinng Langi/Good Thursday 7:00-8:00 PM

Nothing- no room, no time, no grass.
Empty- fuel of emptiness , no color
The beginning of an end.
I knit a white dress. I connect with the thread to the world.
I am turning around myself. Develop the thread which I knitted - develop myself.
Is deknitting a way to transform?
What has happened to me, what has happened to you, during this longterm Performance?
Nothing? Chaos? Boring?
Everything? Order? Exiting?
I build a nest with the Chaos. I arrive in Reykjavik and make fire at the *woolstreet*.
The wind is strong , my mind is clear.

Takk Reykjavik & SIM for the warm welcome & collaboration.
Ariane Nanna Lugeon

Text by Miranda Marcus & Ariane Lugeon 2022

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