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Mustarinda, Finland: Mustarinda Residency - Open call for 2023


fimmtudagur, 22. september 2022

Mustarinda, Finland: Mustarinda Residency - Open call for 2023

The Mustarinda Association reaches towards a post-fossil culture by combining scientific and artistic knowledge and experiential activity. The association aims to continually reduce its carbon footprint and impact on a local and global scale.


Open call for

Working periods:

2 weeks from January 16.1. - 30.1.2023
1 month period in February - May

1 month period in September - November.
2 weeks from December 01.12. - 15.12.2023

Prices are below the application instructions

Application deadline: 23rd October 2022
We will inform all applicants about the selections by the 18.11.2022

Mustarinda is a community in the making since 2009. At its centre lies contemporary art, boundary-crossing research, practical experimentation, communication, education and events, all reaching towards a post-fossil culture by combining scientific knowledge and experiential artistic activity. Since its foundation, Mustarinda Association has been committed to strengthening the cultural and practical prerequisites for the ecological transition. In the coming years, the Mustarinda Association seeks to actively challenge conventions of research, production, and dissemination, focusing on the social conditions of post-fossil life and the long term possible futures in ecological reconstruction.
Tangled through the house, the sauna, the garden, the yard, the forest, its mires and wetlands, the more-than-human and the human bodies work towards the ecological rebuilding of society, the diversity of cultures and natures, and the connection between art and science.
We welcome you to think along with us during your residency and beyond. However, this is not a brief for a thematic residency and your individual or collective practice is valued in its own right. The open call is for wherever your research, process, focus, or need for time and space takes you.
The residency is for a diverse field of practices from artist to educator, researcher, activist or other practitioners.

For applications please fill in the application form:

Please send your supporting material (portfolio / C.V., as they apply to your practice) as a pdf to:

More info:

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