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Membership / Application

Application for membership in SÍM, the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists


The applicant fills out the application below,   

Confirmation that the applicant has completed a university degree in art, a copy of the diploma.  




Confirmations of other studies in art
- Other confirmations, about exhibitions, art decorations, public works, grants and salaries.
- Other supporting documents


Applications for membership in SÍM are considered by SÍM's board once a month.
Applications must be of high quality.
Further information at and at the office by phone: 5511346.

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Senda / Upload
Member association, if the applicant is a member of SÍM's member association
University education in art If the applicant has completed a university degree in art, there is no need to fill in more fields on the application. Go straight to return.
All in one PDF
If the applicant has not completed a university degree in art, he / she must fulfill four of the following conditions.
All in one PDF
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