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Artists can apply to become members of SÍM as long as they fulfil the necessary requirements. 


SÍM consists of the following member societies and their members together with individual membership to SÍM:

  • Association of Icelandic Contemporary Photographers (FÍSL)

  • Society of Icelandic Visual Artists (FÍM)

  • The Icelandic Printmaker’s Association

  • The Icelandic Association of Ceramic Artists

  • Sculpture Society in Reykjavík (MHR)

  • Art Association in Akureyri

  • The Icelandic Textile Association

Membership fee

The membership fee is ISK 26,000. Note that the membership fee is tax deductible.

  • Couples can get a 25% discount, if both parties are members of SÍM.

  • Members aged 70 and over pay half of the membership fee.

  • Disabled people pay half of the membership fee.  


Admission requirements


In order to be eligible for admission to the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, the applicant must have completed

at least a 3-year Bachelor of Fine Arts program or other similar qualifications according to the statement of the respective school.


In addition, those who have completed at least 4 years of study from the Art School in Akureyri and have graduated with a Diploma are entitled to entry into SÎM. 


Alternatively, the applicant must meet four of the conditions below:


1. Other education in visual arts (minimum total of 2 years) confirmed by a statement from the relevant institution.


2. One or more private exhibitions in public exhibition venues. Confirmation attached.


3. Participation in an international exhibition, a joint exhibition sponsored by a public party or no less than five other joint exhibitions. Confirmation attached.


4. Be commissioned by a jury to work on an art decoration in a public space. Confirmation attached.


5. Have at least one work in public ownership, purchased by the relevant museum council or assessment committee. Confirmation attached.


6. Have received an official grant or salary. Confirmation attached.

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