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SÍM Gallery: After School Special - Carissa Baktay


miðvikudagur, 2. nóvember 2022

SÍM Gallery: After School Special - Carissa Baktay

Carissa Baktay opnar sýninguna After School Special í SÍM Gallery föstudaginn 4. nóvember milli 17 og 19. Allir velkomnir og léttar veitingar í boði.

Sýningin stendur frá 4.-29. nóvember. Opnunartímar eru alla virka daga milli 12 og 16.

ATH! Sýningin er einnig opin laugardaginn 5. nóvember milli 14 og 16.

After School Special
SÍM Gallery, 2022

After School Special presents a new series of O.O.U.U.’s (Objects Of Unidentified Uses) exploring body, femininity and memory through material. Blown glass, hair and textile reference the artists bodily experience and serve as symbols for storytelling; ambiguous yet familiar.
Ironic and playful, these mixed material sculptures come to life through intuitive process and intimate performative acts.

This exhibition was generously funded through The Alberta Foundation for the Arts.


Carissa Baktay is a multi-media sculptor, born 1986. As an experienced glass maker she has earned degrees from Alberta University of the Arts and Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Using experimental technologies and mediums combined with time honoured glass making methods, she has been invited to work in studios in Bulgaria, Norway, Finland and Portugal. Recently her work has been recognised with multiple grants from The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, The Canada Council for the Arts, SÍM, KÍM, and Icelandic Design Fund.

Carissa Baktays’ process based practice is deeply connected to material and memory and by collecting and reimagining materials, she transforms their presence in space and presents a new poetic material understanding that shares the borders between art, craft and design.

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