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Íslensk Grafík: One Day - Jimin Lee


föstudagur, 18. mars 2022

Íslensk Grafík: One Day - Jimin Lee

Fimmtudaginn 17. mars kl. 17-19 opnar Jimin Lee sýninguna “One Day”.
Hún verður viðstödd opnunin og verður með listamannaspjall.
Sýningin stendur frá 17. til 26. mars.
Verið öll hjartanlega velkomin.

Jimin Lee will open her solo exhibition “One Day” on Thursday, March 17th from 5pm-7pm and will be holding an artist presentation.
Opening hours are from 2-5pm Wednesdays - Sundays.
Free admission.

She will be showing multi-form print media work, including a new series about vulnerability, decline and loss that draws on both personal experience and world events.

Jimin Lee is a Korean-born California-based artist. Since 1995 she has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area, she is a professor of art and heads the print media program at the University of California, Santa Cruz, USA as well as the Contemporary Print Media Research Center.

For many years, she has focused on themes of mobility, displacement and labor on the personal and social level as seen in traffic, places of transport, or objects that move or are "in transit" -- travel in both the daily and in the migratory sense.

Her research and practice center on the area of photo-based prints. In recent years she investigated and developed a new option and possibility in print media by adopting emerging print strategies in an expanded art context. For example, by integrating the traditional woodcut with laser-cutting and inkjet printing processes, she birthed a new creative formula of her own that blends conventional mediums of print and contemporary digital technology so that they interplay with and reshape each other. While using digital tools and applications has been a critical part of her image-making, she has continued to use the great hands-on, tactile techniques that belong to the long and storied history of printmaking.

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